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Today is Earth Day.  I try to reduce waste and recycle whenever I can.  But here are a few easy things I try to do in addition to that, that you can try out:

1.  Carry a handkerchief.  I picked this up from my time living in Japan.  It's really difficult to find paper towels in any public bathroom in Japan.  That's because everyone carries a handkerchief around with them to dry their hands after washing.  I keep one in my back pocket.

2.  Print on the backside of paper.  I teach art as my day job.  We have a daily bulletin that go up in class.  In life I come across so many pieces of paper that have a clean backside.  I just collect them at my desk and insert them into my printer upside down.  I print out these daily bulletins and other non-important documents on them.  

3.  Carry a pair of chopsticks.  This is a new thing I'm trying out.  When going out to eat at Asian food restaurants i've come to realize how many disposable chopsticks I go through.  I'm trying to cut down on that by bringing my own chopsticks.  Go to the bathroom after and wash them off.  You can also use the chopsticks as a stirrer in place of the disposable wooden stirrers at the coffeehouse.  At Japanese stores you can find a pair of chopsticks with their own little carrying case.  You can keep a pair in your car, backpack or purse.

Our resources are limited and I want to live in a eco-friendly environment.  Let's do our part whenever we can.

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